team mango

The real reason we can do all the awesome things we do!


Allie - Studio Showroom Manager

This beautiful smiling face is Allie. A self proclaimed ‘grandma at heart’ with a serious love of all things vintage! Allie truly is our customer service superstar! She is welcoming, helpful and genuinely interested in all of the projects both us and our customers are working on. Allie knows our products inside and out and is eager to help with any questions - because she knows (and loves) that no two projects are the same! On top of all of this Allie is super organized and keeps me on track when I get sidetracked by a million different things! Her enthusiasm for the studio is infectious and we just love her for that!

When she’s not at the studio you can find Allie enjoying high tea, scouring vintage markets or crafting with girlfriends, (did you know ‘wine and Bob Ross’ nights were a thing??)


Jocelyn - Studio workshop & showroom associate

This beautiful sweet lady is Jocelyn. She originally joined the team as a workshop associate thanks to her amazing DIY skills and love of creating! As of recently Jocelyn can also be found in our showroom helping customers with their projects (after loving the experience of schmoozing with customers at our 5 year anniversary party)! In the workshop Jocelyn is always working hard on prepping, painting and beautifully distressing custom restyled furniture. Jocelyn is friendly, talented, super knowledgeable and definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty!

When she’s not at the studio you can find Jocelyn working on her home renovation projects (of which she has many), cheering her boys on at soccer or helping out at one of her son’s school fundraisers.


Stephen - Studio workshop associate

This handsome guy is Stephen. Helpful, reliable and friendly - Stephen is the very first employee to officially join team Mango and it’s been a great fit for both of us! He joined the team a few years ago when initially he was a customer doing some DIY paint projects up at his cottage. Stephen happened to be looking for extra work at the same time that I found the studio really needing some extra help. With his hands on experience and genuine interest in DIY he brought a lot of great skills to the studio. Stephen spends most of his time at the studio prepping, cleaning and repairing the custom furniture we restyle - and you can be sure he will be listening to sports radio while he does it!

When he’s not at the studio, Stephen can be found on the hockey rink, the golf course, up at his cottage or maybe even at a local craft brewery.

Mango Reclaimed May 2017-329.jpg

Mom & Dad - parents extraordinaire

These two right here (I’m in the middle, lol) have given so much time and energy into my studio it makes my heart swell. When I first opened the studio my dad put in countless hours turning a dingy old warehouse space into a picture perfect little studio! He has endless knowledge and skills when it comes to DIY (of any kind) and he is always there when I need a hand! My mom has also been a huge supporter of Mango Reclaimed since the beginning! She’s the one that has the ‘sure we can, let’s just try’ attitude that encourages me to just jump in and try things. She has also put in tonnes of hours in the studio on the showroom floor, helping customers and working away on any and all projects.

If these two are not at my studio (or their actual day jobs), you can bet your bottom dollar they are up at their cottage enjoying life!


Mr. M.R.

Please don’t tell him this picture is up here or I’ll be in big trouble, lol! This guy seriously does all the things! The furniture finding, furniture pick ups, showroom rearranging, furniture fixing, brining me lunch . . .

He also builds and fixes just about anything I can think of in the studio. Not to mention he is my sounding board for all things Mango Reclaimed as it’s pretty much all I talk or think about 80 hours a week . . . I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have him as my partner in this journey!

When he’s not helping out at the studio (or at his actual day job) Mr. M.R. can be found fishing, watching sports (hockey & baseball) and being the most amazing dad to our boys.