What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?

Happy Wednesday my friends!

We've been seeing lots of great projects lately - so much creativity!

Let's take a look at what'cha been workin' on, shall we?!?

First up this week is a mind blowing restyle! Did you know you can paint fabric?? Dana took a pint of Champness from our Fusion Mineral Paint line and gave this occasional chair a makeover. Take a look:

Here's a look at Dana's chair 'before':

That's right - she painted her upholstered chair! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us Dana!

Next up this week is a great looking grandfather clock in a stylish new colour! Helene restyled this second hand clock using Cashmere from our van Gogh Fossil paint line and it looks fantastic! 

Looks great Helene, love the pop of blue inside too! What a creative project - thank you for sharing!

Next up this week is an incredible restyle by Laurie and her husband. Take a look at this beautiful custom built and painted bench. . .

Ok, are you ready for this . . . cause I'm not sure if you are, lol . . . here is Laurie's bench 'before':

That's right! Laurie's custom bench was created out of an old bed frame! How cool is that?!? 

Let's take a look at another 'after' picture of this beautiful piece painted in Billowing Sails from our van Gogh Fossil paint line:

I mean come on - they even added storage to this bench! Really amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us Laurie!

Ok, one more for this week! While we're talking about bed frames . . . . inspired by some chalkboards that she saw hanging in our studio, Sonya created this cottage chalkboard out of an old headboard:

Doesn't this look great?!? The frame is painted in And Your Little Dog Too from our van Gogh Fossil paint line - and did you know you can use any colour from this paint line to create a chalkboard? That's right, just leave your paint unsealed (no wax or finish coat) and it works perfectly as a chalk board! We have examples in our studio if you would like to check this out in person :)

Sonya also created this chalkboard from another headboard using Morning Mist for the frame - it looks great resting over the piano . . . wouldn't that piano also look great painted, lol?? . . .

Actually we have 3 pianos in the studio currently waiting to be painted, stay tuned for 'after' pictures of all of those!!

Thank you for sharing Sonya! Your chalkboards look great!

Thank you so much to everyone for sending in their pictures! Can't wait to see what you do next!

And don't forget - if you are featured on our Wednesday blog you we will have a 10% discount waiting for you at the studio (valid for 30 days)! It's so easy you guys! All you have to do is e-mail your before and after pictures to: [email protected]

Don't even worry if you were too excited to start your project that you forgot to take a 'before' picture, lol! It happens all the time - we get it - you're excited! Just send us your 'afters' - cause we know they look great! :)

'Before' and 'After' roundup!

Hi there! I hope you are doing well!

Every once in a while I like to pull together what I call a 'before & after' roundup! You see, I realize that in my regular blog posts it's a bit cruel of me to only show you the awesome restyles done here at Mango Reclaimed without showing you what these pieces looked like 'before'. . .

Well here it is my lovelies - a slideshow of some before/after images that we have completed in the last little while. Unfortunately, sometimes I get so excited to just get started on painting that I don't always remember to take 'before' pictures . . .  these are the ones I could find! Enjoy!

(please be patient - this may take a few moments to load)

If you want to check some of our work out in person, pick up some paint for yourself, or just chat with us about your next project - please visit us!