A 'Restore' find, Restyled!

Wow! When my customer came into the store with this sideboard - I got seriously excited! And when I found out that she had picked it up at a Habitat for Humanity Restore - I was seriously proud of her! What a fantastic find!


Heres is what the dresser looked like when my customer first brought it in. Now you may not be able to tell from the photograph, but this dresser was in pretty bad shape! There were big scratches and marks all over it, not to mention water marks and stains all over the top . . . but she definitely had potential!

After some paint in van Gogh 'Cashmere' and 'River Tides', this Restore find was completely restyled!

I mean seriously, check out these stunning details! With van Gogh clear beeswax giving a protective finish overall I was able to add the french caffeine beeswax just in the details to really make them stand out. Using a wax brush is imperative when trying to get the french caffeine wax into all the nooks and crannies of your furniture. . . and completely worth the effort. Nothing enhances the details of a piece like this does!

While we're looking at the beauty of Cashmere - lets take a quick peak at this adorable bedside table. This was also restyled using van Gogh 'Cashmere' with both clear and french caffeine beeswax.

This bedside table was custom restyled for a customer to match her existing Mango Reclaimed restyled bedroom set . . . which you can read about here.

Do you have some furniture that needs to be restyled? Contact us to learn how we can help!