What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

You know what day it is? It's share day! Let's take a look at what'cha been workin' on . . . 

First up this week are these two adorable tables that got a classy restyle by Christine. These tables had cute character before they were painted, but after some van Gogh chalk based paint in 'Revenge' they look amazing! I love the colour, the distressing and the choice to leave some of the wood natural - great work Christine! Thank you so much for sharing!

And here are the tables 'before' they're gorgeous restyle . . . 

This next restyle is a little softer and a little sweeter. . . Take a look at the pretty in pink bedside table that Andrea restyled using van Gogh's 'Compassion'. Such a pretty pastel shade. I'm loving the painted hardware too! Thank you for sharing Andrea!

A glimpse of the much darker bedside table 'before' . . . 

Last up, but certainly not least, is a very inspiring dining set restyle done by Lindsay. Fusion mineral paint in eye catching blue/green 'Laurentien' on the table and classic white 'Casement' on the chairs make this set easy, breezy and beautiful for the cottage. I love a good pop of colour in any room, nicely done Lindsay! Thank you for sharing!


As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

We love to share what you do!

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Bold and Beautiful!

Happy Monday! I hope you had an excellent weekend!

One of the great things about the van Gogh furniture paint line is the wide range of colours available. I know I tend to post frequently about pieces painted in soft blues and grey's, but not today! Today I want to share with you a couple brighter pieces!

First up is this vibrant and inviting little school desk!


This custom order was brought into Mango Reclaimed with little instruction other than my client telling me that she 'loves colour'. . .perfect! I love it when I am given some creative freedom to restyle furniture!  I immediately thought of a bright and vibrant red for the desk called 'And Your Little Dog Too!'.  I also under painted the chair in the same colour so that when I distressed it the red would show through.  Then I over painted the chair and interior of the desk in 'van Gogh' - a beautiful and fun blue!  If you look closely you can see that I also under painted the desk in 'Empathy', a soft warm yellow that pairs great with red!

I had a lot of fun with these bright colours and my client loved them too! Her grandchildren are going to love sitting here to do their homework and work on arts and crafts.


Next up is this amazing little occasional/console table that was completed from vision to completion by Lindsay. If you've been by the studio at all this summer you may have met her as she has been interning here for a couple months now - and doing a fantastic job!


I love that she chose the colour 'Confidence' for this piece. It's always fun to go a little bolder with small pieces - don't be afraid to make a statement with colours you love! Not only the exterior got a makeover on this piece, but the interior did too!  Check out this awesome lining work - such precision!

We recently picked out a few limited time colours here at Mango Reclaimed also - I can't wait to get my hands into this Coral!

Are you ready to play with some beautiful and bright colours? If so, come on down to the studio for some inspiration!