'Morning Mist' dining room reveal! {part 2}

Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm going to share a few more pictures from the dining room I revealed last week.

If you missed the first reveal, you can see it by clicking here.

So, last week we saw this picture, but I didn't really get into any detail about the gorgeous cabinet in the background. . .

You know . . . this one:

This cabinet was painted using van Gogh Fossil paint in 'Morning Mist' on the exterior and 'Cashmere' for the interior of the hutch. I also used the van Gogh liquid metals in 'Wedding Band' & 'Honyemoon' to really beautify the hardware . . . 

The cabinet exterior was finished with natural furniture wax overall and antiquing wax to highlight all of the decals and recessed details.

Speaking of details . . .

One more angle from across the table . . .

My client didn't waste any time moving into her new dining space and I really love how she has so beautifully styled all of her dishes in the lighted hutch!

Ok, now take a glimpse across the table to the other side . . . do you see that hint of soft warm grey?!

This buffet was a piece that my client sourced outside of the studio and brought to me to complete with the rest of the set I was already working on.

I LOVE this piece and am so grateful for being given creative reign to resyle it as I saw fit. I knew a hit of soft warm grey (van Gogh's 'Zepplin') would really help round out all of the light cream and white in this room. 

What do you think?

We did a similar treatment to the hardware, sprucing them up with van Gogh liquid metals in 'Honeymoon' and 'Wedding Band', to help tie the hutch and buffet together.

Mild distressing as well as natural and antiquing wax overall complete the soft and slightly worn in look. You know how I love the details :)

I used van Gogh's 'Table Top Finish' for the top of the buffet (as I also did for the dining table top). This is a really durable finish so that my client can feel confident actually using this buffet to serve guests without worrying about ruining the piece.

Now that we've seen all the prettiness that has come of this dining set - let's take a quick peek at the cabinet 'before':

and here's the buffet:

2015-08-21 16.20.23.jpg

Quite the transformation, wouldn't you say?!

Thank you so much for following along! 

If you have any furniture that you would like restyled, please don't hesitate to contact us!

{I can do it for you, or I can guide you through how to tackle it yourself}

Restyling is what we do best and I would love to help you transform something you loathe into something you love :)

For the love of Patina!

If you're like me, you probably love soft blue/greens, whites and greys . . . and pretty much anything painted in Patina. This is one of those colours that just looks good everywhere. Honestly, any room in your home right now could probably benefit from something painted in van Gogh's Patina.

Take this console table for example.

I know it's going to look great in its new home - a kitchen console table with one drawer for each child to hide away their homework and school supplies . . . so they're off the kitchen table. 

The hardware on this piece got the restyle treatment too. We used van Gogh's Liquid Metal paint in 'Mother In Law' to bronzify these pulls. They were originally a silver colour that wasn't going to match the style of the kitchen - or the gorgeous oversized paris style clock that will hang above it. 

Also recently custom restyled in Patina is this adorable end table. I love the oval top and the pedestal base. The details of this piece were enhanced with a little distressing, but mostly by using van Gogh beeswax in French Caffeine

The secret to using the French Caffeine beeswax is to let it really build up in the details of your piece while buffing out as much as possible in the smooth areas. 

I couldn't resist styling this table with the beautiful hydrangeas that my mom dropped off at the studio. Cut fresh from her garden, so deliciously beautiful and delivered with a thoughtful hand - thank you mamma! Love!

What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?

I really mean it when I say that I love my job! 

I am so grateful everyday when I get to share my passion and inspiration with others . . . and I love it even more when they share their creativity back with me. Thank you!

I love these girls! I met Kelly and her sweet daughter just recently when they came into the studio looking for a little creative inspiration. . . I'm pretty sure they left my studio and went straight home to start painting and restyling their furniture! Take a look at these pictures - first the 'before' as they begin to prep their pieces. Then the transformation - love!

Kelly and her daughter used van Gogh fossil paint to transform these pieces, and even used some of the van Gogh liquid metal paints to highlight the details. What an amazing job - and I know they aren't going to stop there!


There have been lots of mother/daughter projects taking place recently - including this sweet desk restyled by Lisa for her daughter! l love how it looks in white - great job Lisa!


As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!