What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

Happy Wednesday friends!

Just a quickie today - lot's of painting to do :)

First up today is this gorgeous dresser restyled by Sue using van Gogh paint in 'Cashmere'.

This dresser was purchased as a project from our inventory section - when Sue saw it she knew it would fit perfectly in her space - also adding ample storage! I just love what she has done with it! Thanks so much for sharing Sue!

Oooh la la - and new hardware from Mango Reclaimed too! Swoon!

Here's the 'before'.

While we're talking about the beautiful colour 'Cashmere', let's take a look at another gorgeous restyle using this colour! Have a look at this piano restyled by Kristel - so pretty!!

Such a light and bright change from the 'before'! Thanks for sharing Kristel!!

If you want to see another gorgeous piano restyled using 'Cashmere' you can read about one I did a while ago here.

As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We love to share what you do!

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What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

It's Wednesday - and I love to share all of your super awesome talent, so let's take a look at what'cha been workin' on!

This little cabinet got the royal treatment with Fusion Mineral Paint in 'Liberty Blue'. I swoon for a rich blue and gold combination. Like. every. time. Check out those classy knobs too! Black and white stripes with hits of gold (we have even more new hardware coming in very soon too!)

Great job Angela, thank you so much for sharing!

 . . . and heres a peak at the 'before':

Enter another little blue cabinet . . . I love the rustic feel of this next one! This little cabinet was restyled by Stacey using van Gogh's chalk based paint in 'River Tides' over 'Bole'. I came across this combination while teaching a workshop a while ago and it is still one of my favourite sample boards in the studio. Such an unexpected beautiful colour combination. I love too that Stacey used the french caffeine beeswax to really add depth to this piece. It looks gorgeous - thanks for sharing Stacey!

Last but never least, have a look at this stunner of a dresser restyled by Susan! You can never go wrong with grey I say . . . and this restyle is no exception! Restyled in the colour 'Zeppelin' from the van Gogh paint line, it looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work Susan!

Here's a peak at the 'before':

As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Playing with Bergere and Mora.

The beautiful new European colours for the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint line have arrived!

I recently had the privilege of playing with some of the new European colours (before they even hit the shelves)! With the perfect piece in mind for a milk paint project I got to work.

Being a 'blue' girl myself, the fist colour I mixed up was of course 'Bergere', a beautiful smokey blue . . .

Also being a lover of all things grey, I mixed up some 'Mora'

With a 'thirsty' dresser like this one, I knew the milk paint would go on and adhere beautifully without the need for any bonding agent. Two quick coats of each colour and I was almost done. After painting, I did a thorough overall sand to a smooth finish (as I do with all projects before applying a final protective product) with just a hint of distressing. 

Then I took some beautiful (and all natural) hemp oil and applied it to the entire piece - inside, outside and all. . . the hemp oil adds a protective water-resistant layer to both bare wood or milk painted wood surfaces.

Isn't she beautiful?!?

This dresser is currently available. Please stop by the studio or e-mail: [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing it.

Oh yah, I added some new antiqued brass hardware as well, I think they look perfect against the soft grey 'Mora'.

Ooh! And check out the inside - the hemp oil really revived the raw wood - and check out that glorious storage!

Let's have a quick look at the before and after side by side one last time:

What do you think? Are you excited to try out the new European colours?

btw: you can find plenty more milk paint inspiration on our Pinterest board here.

A jewellery box of a dresser!

Wow - I fell in love with this dresser the moment I laid eyes on her. . . I mean seriously, check out this hardware! You just can't find hardware as gorgeous as this anymore!

This dresser was an item selected from our online inventory by a sweet customer looking for the perfect piece to complete her daughters room. Boy, does she have a good eye! I was thrilled when I was given a bit of creative freedom in terms of colour and finish. This dresser was gorgeous as it was, but due to years of use had some pretty rough areas, especially the top. Nothing some van Gogh paint couldn't fix! 

This dresser was van Gogh painted overall in River Tides, given a mild distress and a natural beeswax finish overall. And of course, because the hardware was already stunning, we left well enough alone :)

Let's have another look at the finished piece.

Oh! And as a bonus, here's another cute little custom piece we did in River Tides a while ago. 

2014-09-27 14.31.26.jpg

We used van Gogh's 'River Tide's' on the exterior and to restyle the interior, we used Fusion's 'Champlain', which is an excellent option for inside cabinets thanks to its built in durability!

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!