Empathy and Calm Seas for a baby's room.

Hi there!

Have you heard the birds chirping away recently?? I think they know something we don't . . . maybe spring really is just around the corner?!?

When I think of spring I think of flowers blooming and bright beautiful colours - you know, like the soft & pretty 'Calm Seas' of this restyled secretary desk:

I really love how this piece turned out! My client was looking for a pop of colour and a statement piece to add to her nursery - and I think we found it! 

We even added a little sunshine inside this sweet secretary by painting out the inside in 'Empathy', a rich and soft beautiful yellow!

I often get asked if I bother painting out the inside of my restyled furniture . . . my decision usually hinges on 3 questions:

1. What condition is the interior in? (good, bad, ugly??)

2. Where did this piece come from? (passed down from grandma? online score? side of the road find?)

3. What is this piece going to be used for? 

The answer to whether or not I paint out the inside of a piece lies in the answers to those three questions. This secretary was a great online purchase that was going to be used in a baby's room . . . so we painted the inside.

We even painted out the inside and outside of all the drawers - what a nice finishing touch!

Oooh! Don't even get me started on this hardware!! Hammered gold knobs?!? Yes pls!

(we still have some of these available at the studio if you feel the urge to add some bling to your things)

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What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

Happy Wednesday! Let's share!

First up this week is a bright and cheerful bedside table restyled by Danielle. Using van Gogh's 'Sunflowers', she has really transformed this table and brought some beautiful colour to her bedroom - don't you just love the vibrancy of this unexpected colour?!

Here's a peak at the 'before':

Staying with the yellow theme (spring must be in the air), is this cute quilt stand restyled by Kathryn. Painted with van Gogh's 'buttah' and 'empathy' this yellow is soft and sweet. I love that she is going to use it to hang her grandmothers embroidered hand towels - what a sweet sentiment!

Let's just keep rolling with the yellows today . . .

Last up for today (but certainly not least) is this adorable desk and chair restyled by Stevie-Rose:

Stevie-Rose has been having fun with our Fusion Mineral Paint in 'champlain' and 'buttermilk', two beautiful colours! The wave pattern on top of the desk was made using frog tape, isn't that awesome? Thanks so much for sharing!

And here's a peak at the chair and desk before - what a transformation!

As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Clever pops of colour!

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and a sunny mothers day with those you love . . . I was lucky to spend Mother's day with my amazing mom, my sweet son and all of my family at a barbeque soaking up some much needed vitamin D!

Speaking of sunshine, let's look at a great way to add some brightness to your day - or your furniture. When thinking about restyling your furniture, I would like to encourage you to use colours that you love. I know, I know, it's easier to stick with neutrals. It's a common design trend to stick to neutrals on your walls and furniture and add pops of colour with fabrics or accessories . . . 

Beautiful restyled bedside tables chalk painted with van Gogh 'Halo'. New crystal knobs add some bling.

Beautiful restyled bedside tables chalk painted with van Gogh 'Halo'. New crystal knobs add some bling.

But hold the phone - what if we treated paint like fabric? What if we added some pops of colour with a paintbrush instead of a throw pillow? Too much? How about this - restyle your furniture in a beautiful and safe neutral (image above), but add some punch with a pop of your favourite colour inside (image below). . . 

Inside drawers chalk painted in van Gogh 'Confidence'.

Inside drawers chalk painted in van Gogh 'Confidence'.

I love how unassuming these bedside tables are with the drawers closed, pretty and sleek with just a the right amount of sparkle. When you open the drawers you can't help but smile. I like that. Your furniture should make you happy!

I don't always paint out the inside of a piece. I usually evaluate what shape it's in before deciding on this. Sometimes the inside already looks pretty great - in that case no need to paint. But sometimes the inside has seen more wear and tear than the outside (particularly with children's desks). When this is the case, pick your favourite colour and have some fun!

Here's another example of the same idea. This sweet girls desk is mostly neutral with just a small sneak peak of the sunshine interior. . .

This restyled girls desk is chalk painted in van Gogh 'Chivalry'.

This restyled girls desk is chalk painted in van Gogh 'Chivalry'.

Grey and yellow are always a pretty combination, soft and sweet but not too girly. This desk belonged to my customer when he was a young boy and now it's been restyled for his daughter. Light distressing of this piece adds to the charm and carries forward some of the original character.

Painting the outsides of the inside drawers completes the look.

Painting the outsides of the inside drawers completes the look.

If you could add a pop of any colour to your furniture - what would it be?