Feeling Inspired {Dip it, dip it good!}


How do you feel about the 'dipped' look? Well if you ask me, I'm loving it - especially on really leggy pieces, ya know? Like chairs and console tables, and desks and  . . . 

Check out these end chairs that we did back in the spring with gold dipped legs:


(thanks for the photo of this chair in it's new home Rebecca, xo!)

Pretty awesome, right? And it's easy! You know I don't actually 'dip' the chairs in paint, right? I just bust out some painters tape, a sample pot of paint and away I go!

This project got me thinking - how else can I use the 'dipped' look? Well, search and ye shall find! We found loads of great examples online - here are some of our favourites!

These double dipped chairs that we found over at Petite Passport are adorable! I love the top and bottoms half dipped with the perfect amount of natural wood exposed.

Soo pretty - how cute would this be up at the cottage or on the sun porch? 

Here's another example of a double dipped chair. This time using two colours instead of a wood tone, which would be good to do if the wood on your seats is already worn looking, which lets face it, it probably is, lol! A vibrant red makes this chair really pop!

We found this one over at La Casa De Agus. Sorry no anglais/ingles here, just beautiful inspiring pictures :)

Ok, so obviously this look is great on chairs . . . but what else can we use it on??

I fell in love with this sweet idea to beautify wooden spoons from Little Bit Funky a couple years ago . . . why haven't I don't this yet?? Ooh! this would be a perfect project for milk paint and hemp oil! Completely food safe!

Seriously a cute idea! I adore the rainbow, although if I'm honest with you I would probably do something more monochromatic for my home . . . you know when I actually get around to tackling this easy project! Hmm, maybe this weekend??

So metallics are really all the rage right now (we have metallic paints and pastes at the studio to choose from) . . . and I'm no stranger to jumping on this trend! Here's a buffet we did a while ago at the studio. Painted out in van Gogh Revenge and accented everywhere with glorious gold, lol! We even took those front legs and gave them the royal treatment with gold legs for days! The best part - it doesn't have to be prefect. On a piece like this we painted freehand and added some distressing afterwards for a really time worn look. 

Here is a similar colour combination on a desk from Style Me Pretty.

Love the graphic striped wall too! 

Ok, let's see, what else can we find?

How do you feel about this blue and white chair? Ooh and a two toned coat rack? We found these over on a 'dip it' roundup at Creamy Life.

Actually, we have 2 chairs very similar to this available at our studio ready to be restyled right now! They  would look great with this effect! What colour would you use??

Well friends, how do you feel about this look? Comment below or on our FB page. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope your feeling as inspired as I am!

Much love.