Happy New Year & workshops!

Happy New Year friends! 

 . . .better late than never right!?! 

We are busy working away at the studio - lots of great restyles and beautiful images to share soon . . . but for today - we have workshops posted!

Check out the dates below and join us for a fun evening or afternoon of painting and sharing inspiration!

Hope to see you soon!


We have workshops!

You've been asking - and we're finally delivering!

We have lots of super fun workshops to choose from!

Sign up quickly as classes fill up fast!

Looking forward to having some fun, creating and sharing inspiration with you!

Restyled furniture recap!

Well hello there! I hope you had an excellent family day weekend and are having a great week so far!

I've got a whole bundle of restyled pieces to show you today, so go grab a cup of tea and join me back here for a recap. Let's talk furniture.

I'm going to start out with this adorable little girls dresser. What young girl doesn't love purple?


This dresser was restyled for my client's daughter. The dresser had belonged to my client when she was a child, and while I'm sure it was cute in it's day (painted in coral and green) . . . it is going to fit perfectly now in her young daughters purple themed room. Actually they loved it so much they are bringing another dresser in to have done the same way. I really love making people happy!

This dresser was van Gogh fossil painted in 'victorian' purple, and to prevent the vibrant colour from becoming too overpowering, the exteriour of the dresser was painted in a soft 'chalk' white. I love a girl whose not afraid of a little colour. (Stay tuned for her pink desk that's now in the works at Mango Reclaimed.)

Another recently completed project is this beautiful side table. If you've seen my recent video, you may recognize this as the piece I was working on. van Gogh fossil painted in a combination of 'chivalry' and 'chalk', this dresser is the perfect combination of pretty and sophisticated. 

The table has been lightly distressed and then finished with a combination of dark and clear wax. A new knob completes the look. (The picture at the end is the 'before').

Do you remember a while back when I said I really wanted to paint something in red?? I was inspired by a friends beautiful barn . . . Well I finally got my chance! Recently I was asked to restyle a clients front entrance storage bench, along with a ton of other great furniture for her dining room (more on that in another post).


This bench was van Gogh painted in 'patina' overall and then given a second coat in 'and your little dog too', which is a beautiful red. Distressing this bench brought out the undercoat of 'patina' and a gorgeous colour combination was born! This client had another piece painted in this same palette to add a couple small hits of bold colour in her space - they look amazing!

(the 'before')

(the 'before')

Last (for today), but definitely not least is this stunner of a sideboard. Woah - what a transformation! I absolutely love how my client handled this job - it went something like this:

 - find solid and perfectly useful but dated piece of furniture on kijiji.

 - have husband pick up above mentioned item and drop off directly at Mango Reclaimed.

 - swing by Mango Reclaimed and collaborate on colour, hardware and finish.

 - pick up perfectly custom restyled furniture 2 weeks later, amazing!

Here's what they ended up with:


A solid old dresser with great lines. Restyled in van Gogh 'chivalry', given all new hardware and an all natural beeswax finish. This piece is now perfect as a storage haven sideboard. Love! (The picture at the end shows the 'before', unfortunately I don't have a 'before' picture that includes the hardware . . . )

Thanks so much for tuning in! What do you think of these restyles? We love getting your comments - drop us a line below to let us know what you think.