A bedroom set in Chivalry.

Hello and Happy Friday! Recently I was asked to custom restyle a bedroom set for a sweet girl who was lucky enough to be getting her entire bedroom redesigned. In addition to getting  new bedding, freshly painted walls and new flooring, her wooden bedroom set was brought to Mango Reclaimed to be given a whole new look. Customers will often bring in some of their paint swatches or couch cushions, or inspiration images when coming to the studio to consult on how to restyle their furniture and this customer was no exception, she arrived with her brand new bedding in hand and brought along a few family members for consulting reassurance.

The bedding was a beautiful white with hits of soft grey and reds so this is what we used as our jumping point to restyle her bedroom set, which consisted of a sleigh bed, a dresser, a tv stand and a bedside table.

I love really love this sleigh bed - it has such beautiful lines and once we van Gogh painted it out in Chivalry, added a little distressing and some natural beeswax it looked gorgeous!

These wooden crates were given a quick restyle using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint in 'Eulalie's Sky' - watch for them in upcoming Holiday Mini photo sessions by Trinity Design.

A few details . . . 

Like I mentioned, we also restyled a large dresser to go with this set. I played around with some different hardware options as I wasn't sure what my customer was going to choose. I knew this wasn't right for her room, but I loved how the turquoise knobs added a little pop of colour and playfulness to the dresser. 

I also tried some softer blue ceramic knobs on this dresser to see how they looked.

We also restyled a small TV stand for the same bedroom.

Now, I realize that this is starting to look a little bit 'grey on grey on grey', however we did have a bit of fun with the bedside table. Adding a pop of colour in 'And Your Little Dog Too'. 

As you can see I was still playing around with some hardware options, and my customer hadn't yet selected what they wanted for the bedside table so we don't even have the holes drilled at this point. I love how adding a small punch of colour to one piece of this set brings the whole thing together. I'm sure with all of the final hardware choices in place and the brand new bedding, walls and floors - this bedroom set looks fantastic.

What do you think? How do you like the pop of red? Which hardware choice was your favourite? Let us know in your comments below - we would love to hear from you!

A restyled bedroom set!

Wow - a whole new bedroom set for a fraction of the cost!

A customer came into the studio recently and wanted to have her bedroom set restyled. She already knew that she was going to buy a new bed but was looking for a way to update her existing dressers, a mirror and a bedside table. Enter Mango Reclaimed :)

Custom restyled bedroom set by Mango Reclaimed. Styled and accessorized by  The Inspiration Nest . All products available for purchase at Mango Reclaimed.

Custom restyled bedroom set by Mango Reclaimed. Styled and accessorized by The Inspiration Nest. All products available for purchase at Mango Reclaimed.

The pieces had not originally been purchased as a set so they already each had their own character. This influenced our decision to restyle them all in a similar style to unify the set, however because each piece was already unique, the trio is still not too 'matchy matchy'. We collaborated together and decided that chalk painting the set in van Gogh's beautiful 'cashmere' without distressing was the way to go. Enter customer's hubby, and on his recommendation we added antiquing wax overall to enhance the existing character - brilliant idea!  Although I did joke with my customers that I would have liked to add a bit more colour to their space - I think they were correct with their decision as the end result is gorgeous. Here are a few details:

When two of the pieces were completed I called my customer back in so we could consult on what hardware to use. Originally these pieces all had matching brass pulls that were out of date (but not out of date enough to be fashionable again, lol). I filled all the existing hardware holes prior to painting so we had a blank slate for hardware choices. I pulled a few options from the hardware available in the studio and after a good collaboration we made our choices.

Just a few hardware considerations - snapped on my iPhone.

Just a few hardware considerations - snapped on my iPhone.

We decided on using a combination of soft cream and dark shadow ceramic knobs overall. I love how the new hardware completes the look!

I really love collaborating with my customers to come up with a look that is completely 'new' and completely unique for their home. I'm pretty sure they loved the outcome too because they have already dropped off two more pieces to be restyled . . .  

What do you think? Could your bedroom set use a restyle? Contact us to see what's possible!