The thrill of the search . . .

Recently I was invited to a beautiful barn in the country belonging to parents of a good friend of mine.  It was a super cold day - to put it mildly, but the sun was out and the air was dry so we headed to the barn with an empty trailer and anticipation in our hearts. I LOVE finding new pieces to be restyled and am always gracious when items somehow find their way to me . . .

Here is a shot of the beautiful red barn with an empty trailer ready to be loaded. This picture inspires me to paint something red, red and rustic and time worn. Don't you love the colour of this barn? Wouldn't it look beautiful on some dining room chairs with a big old wood table?


Here is a couple shots of the treasures we acquired.


Stay tuned to see what becomes of these pieces.

A huge thank you to my sweet friends for sharing their treasures and welcoming us into their home!!