What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

Happy Wednesday friends!

Wow - we have some beauties to share this week! And there seems to be a theme happening, lol. All of our shares this week include restyled pieces where our clever customers have painted out some of their piece and preserved the wood finish of other parts. Always a beautiful combination! Take a look and tell us what you think!

First up this week is a beautiful desk restyled by Vicki! The base of this desk looks black in the picture but is actually a really dark and rich blue called Artissimo from our Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint line. The top of this desk was sanded to the raw wood and then Vicki applied MMS Hemp Oil as a natural and stunning protective finish! Love how this turned out!!


Here's a look at Vicki's desk 'before':


What a beautiful job you did Vicki - thank you so much for sharing with us! LOVE the new 'cup pull' hardware too - nice finishing touch!

Next up this week is a bedroom set restyled by Jennifer. This set was gifted to Jennifer from her Grandfather and was her first attempt at restyling - I think she did a great job!

Jennifer used our Fusion Mineral paint in 'Champlain' to restyle the bases of her set and left the dresser and table tops just how they were. Take a look:


Here's a look at Jennifer's bedroom set 'before', it looks so much lighter and brighter now that it's been restyled! 

Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

Next up this week is a stunning cabinet restyled by Jane!  I mean - wow, take a look!


This was a beautiful cabinet to begin with, but now that it's been restyled it has been taken to a whole new level! I LOVE how Jane chose to paint some areas using Fusion Mineral paint in 'Coal Black' and also chose to stain some areas with our Stain and Finishing Oil in 'Ebony'. Such a beautiful combination! Great job Jane - thank you so much for sharing your work with us (again, lol)!! 

Here is a look at Jane's cabinet 'before':


Thank you again to everyone who has sent in their projects to share - can't wait to see what you do next!

And don't forget everyone - if you are featured on our Wednesday blog you we will have a 10% discount waiting for you at the studio (valid for 30 days)! We don't always get to share pictures in the week that they are sent in, but we do hang on to them and try to share as many as we can because we love seeing your projects! It's so easy! All you have to do is e-mail your before and after pictures (or even just after pictures if that's all you have, lol) to: [email protected]

Oh! And just incase you missed it and/or are not sure what you want to work on next, check out our upcoming workshops! (click here)

Happy painting!

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

It's Wednesday my friends . . . you know what that means . . . we need to check out what'cha been workin' on!

First up this week is a stunning dresser restyled by Lee. I think this piece is just gorgeous! Lee used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint in 'Artissimo' blue to make the framework of this dresser really stand out. 

Heres a nice side angle showing how this piece has been nicely distressed around the edges . . . 

and here's a glimpse at the 'before':

Thank you so much for sharing Lee - you did an awesome job - as usual! 

This dresser reminds me of one that we restyled here at the studio a while ago. A customer brought this cute dresser in and wanted to paint it out and leave some natural wood as well.

We chose a pretty blue called 'River Tides' from the van Gogh paint line for the framework. For the drawers we sanded off the existing finish and applied hemp oil to nourish the wood and bring out the grain. . . I can't say enough about hemp oil - I absolutely love it, lol!

Heres a funky little project for you! Check out this creative side table made by Cathy!

How cute are these vintage suitcases all painted out and stacked?

Super fun Cathy - thank you for sharing!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We love to share what you do!

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?!?

It's Wednesday . . .

Can you believe it's mid September already?!?

If this leaves you feeling a little blue . . . take a look at these beautifully blue restyled pieces to give you a little pick me up. Ba dum bum - I'll be here all week folks, lol.

First up this week is Elizabeth's dresser beautifully restyled in van Gogh's River Tides with an undercoat of Morning Mist.

Here's a close up showing how Elizabeth's gentle distressing brings out the soft white Morning Mist from underneath. Great job Elizabeth - thank you for sharing!

and here's a peak at Elizabeth's dresser and mirror 'before'  . . .

Next up this week is Krystie's coffee table. It looks great restyled in Miss Mustard Seed's rich Artissimo blue. I love how the top was kept natural . . . looks like kitty likes the restyled table too!

Thanks for sharing Krystie! 


Another fairly recent restyle using Artissimo is this sweet little bookshelf restyled by Andrea. Again I love the top kept in the original natural wood - and the addition of the wooden drawer/basket looks so cute in the bottom shelf! Nice work Andrea - thank you for sharing!

Here's a look at the shelf before it was restyled - this piece was actually purchased as a paint project from our inventory by Andrea this past summer:


This sweet little bedside table was also restyled over the summer. This one was done by Erin using Fusion's Inglenook - another watery blue/green colour that looks beautiful on almost anything! The second picture shows how great it looks with the rest of the room - beautiful! Thanks for sharing Erin!

As always, thank YOU for sharing your projects with me - I love showing off all your hard work and creativity!

If you have restyled something in your home using products from Mango Reclaimed and want to be featured on What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?, please e-mail your before and after pictures to [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We love to share what you do!

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