Fireplace restyle - an antiquing glaze how to guide!

Incase you missed it, here's a picture of the fireplace restyle we featured on Monday . . . 

Looks pretty good! This fireplace was disassembled and brought into Mango Reclaimed for a restyle a couple of months ago. We changed it from brown and boring to bright and beautiful with these easy steps:

1. van Gogh paint the fireplace with an undercoat in 'Cashmere' and an overcoat in 'Morning Mist'.

2. Once dry, mildly distress the paint using a fine sanding block and remove any excess dust. 

3. Using a brush apply van Gogh antiquing glaze overall.

4. Using a damp rag, 'pull off' most of the antiquing glaze, leaving it built up in the details and looking nice and 'clean' in the large flat areas.

(a couple of side by side, before and after glazing pictures)

(a detail picture showing the distressing as well as the antique glaze 'built up' and highlighting the details)

5. Reassemble the fireplace and admire your handiwork!

Paint your Fireplace!

Brrrr . . . I don't know about you, but the cold weather lately has me wanting wooly socks, a cup of tea and a cozy spot in front of a fireplace! If only I had one! Well even though I don't own a fireplace, it doesn't mean I haven't painted a fireplace. Check out this great looking restyle:

This fireplace was dark and heavy looking before - and the wood finish on it was competing with the  wood floors. Some van Gogh paint, antiquing glaze and a hemp oil finish later and this fireplace is light, bright and now looks perfect in this living room.

Here's somewhat of a look at the 'before'. The fireplace was unassembled and brought into the studio for it's restyle. 

Want to see how we did this? Stay tuned for a future blog post detailing just how we got this look!