Pardon my absence . . .

Hi there lovelies!

Please pardon my absence . . . 

as you can see I've had my hands full recently . . .

Photo credit:  Lesley Cowan Photography

My sweet second son Hudson was born on January 15th and we have been busy ever since!

(Not to mention tired, lol!) 

It was absolutely love at first sight and my son Colton is super happy to finally be a big brother! 

File 2018-02-05, 2 04 09 PM.jpeg

Balancing a newborn and running a business is no easy task, but we are getting into a groove (at least I think we are, lol).

File 2018-02-05, 2 08 31 PM.jpeg

And even though time at home has been spent cuddling and feeding and nurturing (and not getting any sleep), with sweet baby Hudson - it is also giving me time to reflect on the business and refresh my creative perspective.

File 2018-02-05, 2 12 56 PM.jpeg

I find myself bubbling over with ideas in the late hours of the night . . . and even though I don't seem to have an ounce of energy left at the end of the day to implement these ideas yet, I know that I will soon!

File 2018-02-21, 8 10 26 PM.jpeg

Keep watching us for exciting things coming to the studio this year! We will start sharing more and more in the coming weeks and hope you will share our enthusiasm for new ideas!


In the meantime, our studio is still up and running and let me tell you the Mango team is killing it with awesome work being produced daily! Like this gorgeous restyled buffet for example:


Although I'm not there daily at the moment, our team is and If you have any painting projects on the horizon we are more than happy to help!

{studio hours are: Wednesdays 12-8pm, Thursdays and Fridays 12-5pm, Saturdays 10-4pm}

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