What'cha workin' on Wednesday?!?

OMG the sun is shining and it feels almost like summer outside!!!

Wooh Hooh!! How nice is that?!

Sunshine and warm weather just makes me want to freshen things up with paint, lol, is that just me?? We have some AMAZING restyles to share with you this week! Let's take a look at what'cha been workin' on, shall we?

First up this week is a beautiful, restyled, piano!!! . . . . (why do I feel like Bob Barker, lol?)

That's right my friends, you can just go ahead and paint your piano! Shelby did it and so can you! Doesn't this look great?!? Shelby use 'Patina' from our van Gogh paint line to give this piece a beautiful new look! 

We have done a couple piano's at the studio over the years and we have one in the queue that we are working on right now too! So this customer restyle came up at just the right time - so glad we can share it with you! Thanks for sharing your project with us Shelby!

Here's a look at the piano 'before', can you believe this was a Kijiji find?



Next up this week is  another gorgeous restyle - this one using our Fusion Mineral paint line. Tracy is no stranger to restyling furniture and has been featured on our blog a few times already - but this one is just. absolutely. stunning! 

Check out Tracy's beautiful restyled buffet using 'Champlain':

Beautiful! Great styling too! Love the 'Spring is in the air' chalkboard! Did you know you can make chalkboards using the paint lines we carry?!? We do it all the time in the studio - next time your in, ask us how :)

Thank you so much for sharing this Tracy - it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Here is a look at Tracy's buffet 'before':

Next up this week is an awesome bathroom refresh by Monika . . . I can't believe I haven't shared this yet!! Monika used 'van Gogh' blue from our van Gogh paint line to give this refreshed bathroom a beautiful pop of colour and I just LOVE it!

We don't have any 'before' pictures of this one, but Monika says the vanity was a dark brown basic one from Home Depot and the 'flush' sign she custom made. Awesome! The blue really adds a pretty punch to the room . . .and don't even get me started on how much I love the floor tile! 

Great job Monika - thanks for sharing!!

Thank you so much to everyone for sending in their pictures! Can't wait to see what you do next!

And don't forget - if you are featured on our Wednesday blog you we will have a 10% discount waiting for you at the studio (valid for 30 days)! It's so easy you guys! All you have to do is e-mail your before and after pictures to: mela[email protected]

Go ahead, send me some pictures right now, lol!