Aha moments! {spicing up a simple dresser}

This is the second post in a series called "Aha moments!"

We're going to take all the guess work out of restyling furniture, we're going to help you see the potential, we're going to show you what a little paint and TLC can do, we're going to help you have an 'aha' moment, we're going to . . . I think you get the idea, lol!

We start by showing you a piece of furniture that we have available in our studio inventory - and then we'll show you some similar pieces that have already been restyled to help get your creative juices flowing. 

How fun is that?

This week we are showcasing this simple dresser: 

A cute little 3 drawer dresser - with a finish that leaves much to be desired.

Now check out this 3 drawer dresser we found over on Design Sponge:

Super cute, right? I mean admittedly they are different styles, but I seriously love the combination of the stripes and the natural wood front drawers!!

Or what about this dresser with a funky geometric gold design on the front that we found over at Trend Hunter

Pretty cool, right? This would be easily done with some painters tape and the van Gogh Liquid metal paints

Speaking of painters tape - check out the dresser we found over at Howdy Honey looking all herringboned and gorgeous . . . again with some of the natural wood showing too. I'm loving it!

I think pretty much any dresser looks great in a teal or blue/green kinda colour and this next one is no exception! This is a simple little dresser we restyled here at the studio using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint.


I love the naturally worn look that milk paint gives. And new hardware always helps to 'up' the charm factor too!

Alright, so now that you've seen a few different ways to restyle this dresser - tell us which is your favourite??

Wasn't that fun?

If you were to restyle this dresser (or have us do it for you), which style would you go with? 

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