Aha moments! {back to school beauty}

Oh boy this is gonna be fun!

This is the first post in a new series called "Aha moments!"

We're going to take all the guess work out of restyling furniture, we're going to help you see the potential, we're going to show you what a little paint and TLC can do, we're going to help you have an 'aha' moment, we're going to . . . I think you get the idea, lol!

We'll start by showing you a piece of furniture that we have available in our studio inventory - and then we'll show you some similar pieces that have already been restyled to help get your creative juices flowing. 

How fun is that?

This week we are starting off with this simple desk:

Nothing too exciting here, but still a cute desk with some good bones.

Now check out this similar desk already restyled that we found over on Blooming Homestead:

How much better looking is this desk all restyled in white with some cute new hardware?? You know we sell cute new hardware at the studio too, right?!?

Or maybe your feeling a little more playful? Perhaps you would like to see a little desk like this painted in a sweet and delicious colour? Check out this gorgeous desk restyled in a minty green that we found over on Love Grows Wild


btw: I LOVE the little 'Like a Boss' print on the desktop - ooh and all the brassy gold! 

Ok, maybe minty green is not your thing (but if it is - we have an awesome colour called 'Mint Julep' in van Gogh chalk based paint at our studio right now) . . . maybe your feeling a bit more moody . . . maybe you would rather see a little desk like this painted in a rich blue like the one we found restyled over on Apartment Therapy:

I honestly love it - so rich and classic looking! You could get this effect using 'Starry Night' or 'Artissimo' and some antique wax.

Here's another option - one that we restyled here at the studio and shared a while back - you can really never go wrong with Chivalry grey! Oh - and some soft sweet Empathy yellow for fun!

 . . .and since this is one we did here - I'll show you a couple extra details as well :)

If soft grey and yellow doesn't float your boat - how about a more 'shabby chic' approach like this restyled desk we found over at Salvaged Inspirations:

This look would add a bit more 'country' to your space and a whole lot of visual softness while also incorporating a punch of colour!

Alright, so now that you can see this desk a few different ways - tell us which is your favourite?

If you were to restyle this desk (or have us do it for you), which style would you go with? 

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