Some {new} inventory items!

Honestly I don't know how we are even able to fit anymore furniture into our warehouse . . . but I just can't help myself!

Oh happy day! More furniture! 

Take a look at these beauties, recently rescued and crying out for a restyle!

These items are all available for purchase 'as is' OR 'custom restyled' by us! That's right, just choose your colours and your finish and we can turn these previously loved pieces into stylish, and completely unique pieces for your home!

Click on any image for 'as is' pricing, OR select 'custom restyled' for the price to have a piece restyled by us.

This dresser has some seriously great masculine lines! Would look great in a boys room!

This cutie comes complete with a lock and key for the top drawer - lovin it!

This table has such beautiful ornate carvings on the table skirt and base(s) . . . I'm thinking a fresh coat of paint and some antique wax in all those details would really make this table sing!

Can't go wrong with cane backs . . . and they paint so much easier than spindles :)

I think this one is crying out for an ombre effect on the drawers, don't you?

These cute little drum tables are making a splash on Pinterest . . . with little doggie beds hidden inside!

Look past the paint/stencil job my friends. A well made, very sweet little vanity lies within . . . and the soft yellow could make a great 'undercoat' for distressing . . .

Oooh . . . and this one is hands down my current absolute favourite . . . well for today anyways . . . in fact, please don't even think about buying this one - I can't bare to part with it, lol!

If you are interested in any of these pieces, or would like to see them in person, contact us by e-mail at: [email protected] or simply stop by our studio.

We are open wed-fri, noon to 5pm and saturdays noon to 4pm.

(2001 Thickson Road South, Studio 18, Whitby ON)

Need more inspiration? Check out the 'our work' section on our website to see how we like to restyle furniture :)