New van Gogh sample pots - adorable!

If you've been in the studio recently then you will have seen our adorable new van Gogh sample pots . . .


Aren't they cute?! Don't let there adorable size fool you - these little pots pack a punch. One sample pot is usually enough to paint a small table or two chairs (depending on the colour you choose). These pots are also great for adding a dash of colour to a handful of drawer fronts, or even better adding a pop of fun colour inside your drawers . . . .were talking dressers here kids. If you have a small project and were worried you might have to buy a whole quart of paint - fear no more! All of the van Gogh colours are available in this awesome size for $16.95/each.

We even have our 'Table Top Finish' in these smaller pots now too. Which is really fantastic because they are the perfect size to add a really durable satin 'Table Top Finish' to any of your high traffic pieces - like table tops of course. Also great for the top of a sideboard, a desk, a dresser or shelves. These handy little pots are $26.95/each.

Hope to see you in the studio soon!

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