Cashmere love.

Cashmere + Sideboard = always a classic combination.

This custom restyle was painted in van Gogh's Cashmere overall, then mildly distressed and given a beautiful finish with both natural and french caffeine beeswax. 

The hardware was painted out in van Gogh's Mascara and also mildly distressed. I love how this charcoal black colour adds some instant drama to any piece!

The top of this piece was sanded right down to the bare wood and given an instant (and gorgeous) restyle just by using the van Gogh french caffeine beeswax! We did this on another piece recently too, if you're interested in reading more about how to do this, check out our previous post here.

We also recently restyled this coffee table and side table using van Gogh Cashmere. These tables were also mildly distressed and given a protective beeswax finish on the sides. The tops of these tables however were given 3 coats of the van Gogh Table Top Finish for extra durability.

What do you think? Do you have a piece you would like us to custom restyle for you? If you do, contact us to find out how.