A jewellery box of a dresser!

Wow - I fell in love with this dresser the moment I laid eyes on her. . . I mean seriously, check out this hardware! You just can't find hardware as gorgeous as this anymore!

This dresser was an item selected from our online inventory by a sweet customer looking for the perfect piece to complete her daughters room. Boy, does she have a good eye! I was thrilled when I was given a bit of creative freedom in terms of colour and finish. This dresser was gorgeous as it was, but due to years of use had some pretty rough areas, especially the top. Nothing some van Gogh paint couldn't fix! 

This dresser was van Gogh painted overall in River Tides, given a mild distress and a natural beeswax finish overall. And of course, because the hardware was already stunning, we left well enough alone :)

Let's have another look at the finished piece.

Oh! And as a bonus, here's another cute little custom piece we did in River Tides a while ago. 

2014-09-27 14.31.26.jpg

We used van Gogh's 'River Tide's' on the exterior and to restyle the interior, we used Fusion's 'Champlain', which is an excellent option for inside cabinets thanks to its built in durability!

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!